Hypnotherapy for I.B.S. Clinic in Sheffield - Janet Tomlin, Dip Hyp, BSc, PhD
Testimonials for Janet Tomlin

I cannot believe the change in me. I feel much better in every part of my body and mind.
MM (6 sessions Feb- July 2016) October 2016

After five sessions of Hypnotherapy for IBS with Janet Tomlin, everything's going pretty well. I would say it's improved substantially.
I've worked out it's nearly 20 years since my IBS started - my bowel just used to seem to stop, with bloating and pain and embarrassing grumbling noises. I've tried an elimination diet, adding and removing dietary fibre (both soluble and insoluble in turn), fybogel, the fodmap diet, and colonic irrigation to name a few.
However hypnosis is the only thing that has worked long-term to control it. It's also given me the ability to feel in control, rather than controlled, by the situation and I don't get anxious about it anymore.
Thank you Janet.
EB, November 2015

Before I started hypnotherapy, I had anxiety about going to the toilet where ever I was. This was mainly in novel situations, but it stopped me from being my self as I wasn't relaxed and it was controlling where I went and what I did. After hypnotherapy sessions, my anxiety was immediately reduced and I had a much calmer outlook. Janet taught me multiple techniques to relax me and deal with the problem. After 6 sessions I haven't had any issues since, and now feel more confident in the control I have over my problem. 
Thanks for all your help Janet!

LM (19) August 2015

 I was at a point in my life where things were getting out of proportion and causing unnecessary anxiety, and a long term health condition (IBS) was getting in the way of enjoying the future.
  I decided to try hypnotherapy and chose Janet Tomlin because           I found that in her earlier career she had spent some time working in the particular area of my health issue. I thought that the combination of hypnotherapy and previous professional knowledge might be a bonus and, for me, this proved to be true, but I know that Janet's empathetic approach would enable her to help anyone.  Janet is a very quiet, calm and experienced hypnotherapist who   takes time to explore you and your problem and to help in a very positive way.
  I am most grateful to her for the process and for giving me the tools to cope in the future. I know I made the right choice.
RG, July 2012
(5 sessions March - June 2012)

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